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I am a...

Speech and Language Therapist in the Dorset area. I work with children who have communication difficulties. These difficulties include:

  1. Language delay and/or disorder:
    - Speaking and structuring sentences (Expressive Language)
    - Understanding spoken language (Receptive Language)
  2. Speech delay and/or disorder:
    - Production of speech sounds
    - Oral and verbal dyspraxia
  3. Social communication difficulties
  4. Autistic Spectrum Disorder
  5. Processing of language and auditory memory
  6. Developmental delay
  7. Learning difficulties
  8. Children with chromosomal disorders
    e.g. Down Syndrome, fragile X and others which affect speech and language development

* Locke, A., Ginsborg, J. and Peers, I. (2002) Development and Disadvantage: implications for early years IJLCD Vol 27 No 1

About me...

I trained as a Nursery Nurse and obtained my NNEB Nursery Nursing Diploma in 1994. I have worked in an Early Years Unit with children with special educational needs.

I enjoyed working with children with speech and language difficulties and found it very rewarding when they made progress.