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Children who receive therapy make progress from the direct therapy I provide, the 'homework' I set and the advice I offer to all those who are with the child parents, Nursery Nurses, Teachers, Teaching Assistants etc. I ensure the therapy tasks are child friendly and I use games and activities to make the session fun and motivating for the child.

The length of time a child requires therapy varies on the individual's needs. I keep parents informed with progress and the targets which have been set.

Therapy Tasks...

I ensure that the tasks use are appropriate for the child and interest the child. The activities I use for language therapy are functional and presented within games and using objects rather than flash cards as this motivates children.

The activities for children with speech difficulties are dependant on the needs of the child. I use aspects of the Nuffield Dyspraxia Programme for children with verbal dyspraxia. The speech sound therapy needs to be repetitive, however, I have a wide repertoire of fun activities to make the repetitiveness fun, plus I use resources I have made myself.

Children are rewarded throughout the session to encourage their confidence and self-esteem.


Each child I see will be assessed to find out where their strengths and difficulties lie.


I offer a training package to Early Years settings and Infant schools.